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GP Access Cards


Previously known as My Right to Healthcare, GP Access cards allow people who aren't registered with a GP practice, have no fixed address or identification to communicate their right to healthcare.

Everyone in England is entitled to register with a GP. Many people who experience health inequalities can face barriers when trying to register. Practices should not turn people away because they do not have proof of ID, address or immigration status. People can also register if they do not know or do not have an NHS number.

Being registered with a GP has many benefits, the most important one at the moment is that GPs can identify those people who are clinically vulnerable to COVID-19 and ensure that they are invited to get a vaccination.

Local Healthwatch and voluntary organisations across the country are distributing the GP access cards to vulnerable communities who are less likely to be registered with a GP. The card, similar in look to a credit card provides details of how to register. On the back of the card is the NHS England Customer Contact Centre number, for people to use if they have been refused registration. 

You can download a version of this card below. 





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